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Terron Teander and the crew at Outdoor Craftsmen are here to assist you with your residential building needs thanks to their 38+ years of combined restoration and construction experience. Throughout the years, we have developed a clientele that trusts us and is completely satisfied with the quality of our products and craftsmanship.
New Custom Homes
Let's work together to design your own custom home
Renovations and additions
Kitchen, bonus room, master suites, bathrooms & more
Outdoor living areas
Porches, patios, fireplaces, decks & more

About us


Outdoor Craftsmen was founded in 1985 by Terron Teander. Terron has a BS in Computer Science and mathematics from Duke. After graduating he took off to Alaska to work for a framing crew and came back to start graduate school. At that point he realized his passion was framing. He started Outdoor Craftsmen spring of 1985; with the idea of creating a company that is committed to vision, imagination and excellence. Its precisely that vision, imagination and excellence that drives our clients to refer us to their friends and family and- when they have new projects in the works - to hire us again.

Why Outdoor Craftsmen?

Amazing customer service
Once you contact us we will reach back out to you no longer than 24hrs.
More than a client, a family
We treat all of our new 'family members' with upmost respect and will go the extra mile to make sure you have the best possible experience.
Custom designs
We work with homeowners to really tailor each new job to fit their personality and day to day needs.
High quality standards
With over 30 years of experience we assure you that we only deliver lasting quality in design and construction of residential projects.

Fine home building in North Carolina since 1985

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Outdoor Craftsmen Inc Building Quality Custom Homes in North Carolina Since 1985

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